What The FAQ?

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Advertising & Marketing

What the FAQ - SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

I’ve received a number of questions lately about ways to promote websites and content for free. While most people will think about social and trying to making things go viral, I get the impression that lots of people are skipping over the most important thing to focus on, SEO. Don’t know what...


What The FAQ - Viewability

Starting around the end of 2014/early 2015 the term 'viewability' started to enter the digital advertising world. It was a new process that radically changed how digital ads were bought and sold. But exactly what it means and how it works was less than straight forward. In Short: Viewability...


What The FAQ - Second Price Auctions

What the FAQ – Second Price Auctions The world of digital advertising is powered by auctions. Everything from search ads, to social media, to banner ads involves some sort of auction. But how do they work and what does ‘second price’ mean? When an advertiser looks to buy an ad unit in a...


What the FAQ – Who Owns GPS?

What the FAQ – Who Owns GPS? GPS data is used for everything from Maps to Weather apps, to Instagram posts, but who actually owns and manages this technology? You probably use GPS data every day whether you know it or not. We use it when we check the weather on our phone, hail an Uber, or look...


What The FAQ - Location Data

If you’ve ever opened Google Maps, Uber, Lyft, a Weather App, or one of hundreds of other apps you may have been prompted with a request to share your location. With some apps like Weather and Maps, this makes sense. But sometimes an app that has no need for location data will ask for this, like...


What The FAQ - Header Bidding

Have you ever asked yourself what Header Bidding is? Or worse, have you ever been asked what Header Bidding is? Do you see companies promoting their Header Bidding solution, or Dynamic Allocation, or Cloud-Based Header Bidding solutions? If you answered yes to any of these questions but don’t...