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AdCoach Aims to Provide Much-Needed Training for the Digital Advertising Industry

(New York, NY) January 3, 2019 - Digital advertising expert Ben Silverstein is launching an eLearning Platform dedicated to the Digital Advertising Industry called AdCoach (adcoach.co), with a goal of offering accessible and quality online classes for advertising professionals and students.

Silverstein noted that the digital advertising industry has doubled in size since 2014 to a $220B a year industry that employs around a quarter million people in the U.S. alone. Most of the trends, products and processes that are used daily in the industry involve skills and knowledge that are not learned in school, but acquired on the job. Those looking to advance their career or start a new job may find themselves in a “catch-22” where they don’t have the knowledge needed for their next job, yet the only way to get that knowledge is through on-the-job learning.

AdCoach offers classes on basic subjects such as Pricing Models, The Digital Ecosystem, and AdServers, as well as advanced topics like Programmatic Advertising, Viewability/Verification, Ad Blocking, DSPs, and more. These classes are broken out by level, such as Digital Advertising & Marketing levels 101, 201 and 301, Introduction to Programmatic, and even a class on Business Presentation Skills.

To be successful in the Digital Advertising space you don’t need to know everything, but you need to be able to learn and adapt,” said Silverstein. “AdCoach aims to help professionals and students gain the knowledge they need to advance their careers.

AdCoach classes start at $99 and range from one-and-a-half to five hours of content. This means that classes are affordable and accessible for all levels, and individuals can choose which classes and topics are most relevant to them. A student or young professional can pick the 101 for an intro, but someone with a few years of experience may be able to skip to the 301 level or focus on just Programmatic.

Silverstein has taught courses on Digital Advertising since 2015 on other elearning platforms. To date he’s taught over 7,500 students in 130 countries. He is also a consultant for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and teaches some of their certification prep courses in their New York City office.

In addition to teaching, Silverstein is an award-winning digital media professional with over a decade of experience working in the digital space. He's managed hundreds of millions of dollars for local, national, and international brands including Six Flags Amusement Parks, Giorgio Armani, Cafe de Columbia, William Grant & Sons, and the FDA Real Cost which won a 2015 gold Effie in the Disease Awareness and Education category.


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