[Webinar] - Intro to Programmatic Advertising - Dec. 18, 2018

A 45 minute overview of Programmatic Advertising

When: Tuesday, December 18th at 6:30pm EST

Where: Live on the AdCoach YouTube Channel

Why: Because if you work in digital advertising and don't fully understand what Programmatic Advertising is or means, it's time to get up to speed.

Have you heard the term Programmatic Advertising before? What about RTB? Maybe you've heard of an SSP or a DSP or an exchange. But do you really know what these terms mean and what these companies do?

By 2020 programmatic advertising is expected to be a $65B a year industry, or about 20% of all digital ad dollars. This is up nearly 2,000% from just 2011. An industry of this size, with such explosive growth, requires a lot work by many different companies. It also requires a complex system that results in benefits for all parties.

In this 45 minute Webinar I'll give you an Introduction to Programmatic Advertising.

Webinar Topics:


  1. Define Digital Advertising
  2. Ad Sizes & Standards
  3. Common Pricing Models

How It Works

  1. Ad-Tech Companies
    • DSP
    • SSP
    • Exchange
  2. Programmatic Process
  3. Using Data to Inform Buys
  4. Programmatic vs. RTB
  5. Auction Types


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Your Instructor

Ben Silverstein
Ben Silverstein

Ben Silverstein is an award winning digital media professional with over a decade of experience working in the digital space. He's managed hundreds of millions of dollars for local, national, and international brands including Six Flags Amusement Parks, Giorgio Armani, Cafe de Columbia, William Grant & Sons, and the FDA Real Cost which won a 2015 gold Effie in the Disease Awareness and Education category. When he's not teaching, Silverstein works full time in the mobile advertising space, and is a consultant for the IAB's Learning & Development and certification group.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the webinar start and finish?
The webinar starts on December 13th and will be 45 minutes long.
How long do I have access to the webinar?
The webinar will be recorded so that anyone can access the webinar for viewing on AdCoach within 24 hours after the webinar is completed.

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